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What we do

We're experts in web applications' development.

Audit Services

We carry out quality and security evaluation of web applications.

Training Services

We share web development knowledge on training sessions.

Software Development

Our core competency is development of web applications for various business needs. We can also help with legacy systems.

New Software Development

We're most eager to develop new solutions in our preferred technologies. We feel best when we solve actual problems and help people in their daily tasks with our applications.

In our work we manage to combine rapid development with solution quality and security, having always final user convenience on mind.

Give us a try and You'll be astonished how quick we can deliver valuable solution! With our unique skill set, experience and custom power tools, we can compete easily with much larger teams without shame!

Various Business Areas

We do not limit ourselves to any specific business topic. We already have experience in building solutions for different areas, e.g.:

  • data entry
  • reporting (also with GIS capabilities)
  • business intelligence
  • document workflow
  • customer relationship management
  • accounting
  • surveys

We're open for all business needs!

Legacy Systems Support

With our experience we know much more technology than we offer today for new solutions. With all that knowledge we can support various needs of legacy systems, like:

  • migration to new infrastructure
  • recreation in new technology
  • features updates
  • issues fixing
  • security audit and adjustment to current standards

Having troubles with legacy system? - let us help!


Our core technology stack is build on top of Java, Spring Framework and React.


Proven and stable technology for backend applications.


Spring makes programming Java quicker, easier and safer.


The best way to build front-end applications with great user experience.

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Technology Approach

In our work we follow few paradigms listed below.

Industry Standards

We base on widely accepted industry standards. Moreover:

  • we avoid legacy technologies
  • we avoid niche or unproven technologies
  • we do not test technology on Client’s project

Database Agnostic

We can work either with SQL or No-SQL data sources.

Infrastructure Agnostic

We can work both with cloud and dedicated infrastructure.

Open Source

We build on top of best, commercial friendly Open-Source solutions.

No Hype

We prefer technical excellence to technical hype. There is so much tools for fast development... of poor results... We don't agree for users' poor experience just because developer was too lazy to master better tools.

We always prefer user convenience over programmer convenience!

Why Faven?

You probably asking yourself why should you work with us?

Experienced Team

Senior developers only. Each with over 15 years of professional experience in various projects.

Fast Delivery

We invest a lot of effort to always use right tools for the job. We try to cut all overhead and unnecessary processes.

Quality Assured

Quality is key aspect of our work. High standards from beginning means no rework, no useless communication, less effort and cost for everyone.

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